Aloe Private Equity was founded in 2003 by a team of professionals with a shared passion, enthusiasm, and conviction for the true development of environmental and socially sustainable businesses in a high integrity fashion. An uncompromising culture of responsibility, respect, transparency and humility has always been at the forefront of Aloe’s operations. The Group’s devotion to its core values and belief in its culture throughout its history is mirrored by the success of its funds, its rapid global growth and the trust bestowed on it both by its Limited Partners and its portfolio companies’ management teams.

Aloe’s ethical way of working brings mutual benefits to all parties involved. To its Limited Partners, it brings peace of mind and trust that capital is not only cautiously managed internally, but that it is invested externally exclusively to fulfil Aloe’s mission statement to develop hard asset based companies, which provide proven technological solutions to environmental and social challenges, especially those experienced by the high growth markets of Asia. Aloe also prides itself on the transparent and open communication it has with its investors, where both successes and challenges experienced by portfolio companies are frankly discussed, often leading to invaluable feedback.

This style of communication is also at the forefront of Aloe’s relationship with its portfolio companies. As a result of its long and in-depth due diligence process prior to investing, Aloe builds strong relationships with its management teams. Through humility and integrity, this trust leads to free communication. Aloe’s entrepreneurial team is able to actively support its portfolio companies when it is required, and management teams often come back to the Group regularly seeking advice and feedback.

Aloe prides itself on making the founder’s dream a reality and encourage prospective portfolio companies to meet with the founders and CEOs of existing portfolio companies to truly understand the value that Aloe generates and the transparent way in which Aloe operates. Prospective Limited Partners and experts in the field are also encouraged to interact with the Aloe family to appreciate Aloe and its portfolio companies’ high integrity, as well as the value created to foster the development of environmental and social sustainability globally.