Greenko Group plc – Clean Energy AIM listed since November 2007

Greenko Group builds, owns and operates “green” energy assets in India. With the assistance of Aloe, Greenko acquired several distressed biomass plants across the country, soon after the company was able to expand its activities to run-of-the-river hydro power and started to build its own power plants. In November 2007 Greenko was introduced on the AIM market in London, where it raised £45 million from new investors to further consolidate its activities and expand its power capacity. Since then Greenko has become one of the leading independent energy producers in India. As of March 2013, Greenko has a total installed generation capacity of 309.2 MW, spread across run-of-the river hydro, wind, biomass and others. The company has pipeline projects of 446 MW under constructions and further 1,529 MW under active development. The company’s medium-term goal is to reach operational capacity of 1 GW by the end of 2015.

Greenko’s activities have a significant impact on the developments of local communities in rural areas of India. Today Greenko has over 900 employees working at company’s sites throughout India. Beyond the provision of direct employment for local communities at Greenko’s sites, the company also helps local communities by creating indirect job opportunities of associated business activities, such as the the collection and transport of agricultural waste.