Polygenta – PET Bottle Recycling listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange

Polygenta has a proprietary, commercially proven and patented manufacturing process to produce polyester filament yarn from curb-side post consumer waste PET bottles, which is implemented at the 30000 tpy recycling facility in Nashik, India. The ReNEW process, is a disruptive technology given its ability to recycle dirty clear and coloured plastic bottles in a cost effective manner as well as significantly reducing the use of virgin petrochemical feedstock and delivering superior quality products.

Polygenta’s plant is exceptional insofar as it is one of the few polyester filament yarn plants in India that benefit from the efficiencies and quality advantages of being fully integrated. The outlook for environmentally friendly polyester is positive with strong fundamentals of growing demand for high quality polyester yarns amidst limited supply. This is reflected in part by recycled polyester textile products selling at a premium to virgin comparables.

Nashik is Polygenta’s first plant capable of producing PET chips, Partially Orientated Yarn (POY) and Drawn Texturised Yarn (DTY) for the Indian textile industry and export markets. This marks the first step in the global rollout of the ReNew process. Following textiles the other market verticals for ReNew are PET bottle manufacturing as well as PET films and adhesives.