Recupyl – Hazardous Waste Recycling

Recupyl has invented, patented and commercialised a number of recycling technologies that use hydrometallurgy to extract a high proportion of metals from waste feedstocks, such as waste batteries, at sufficiently high purities so that the metals can be reutilised as raw materials. These closed loop recycling processes with low energy consumption and no air-borne environmental emissions allow the re-use of valuable and rare metals that can be sourced from many modern waste streams.

Complying with many countries’ environmental regulations which prevent the land-filling of the heavy metals within batteries, Recupyl’s unique technology and worldwide operations endeavour to mitigate adverse environmental impacts as well as maximising the economic value of the metals extracted from the waste. In addition, the company’s technology has evolved to process complex waste feedstocks such as lithium-ion batteries. Recupyl has been working with the world’s leading automobile manufacturers on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles.

In addition, Recupac, a subsidiary of Recupyl, has developed a breakthrough recycling technology solution for the pigment industry, which allows the industry to produce high-quality pigment using industrial wastes.