Aloe Private Equity is a french investment fund regulated by the AMF



Responsible investments

Develop companies and environmental businesses

Aloe Private Equity prides itself on making the founder’s dream a reality and encourage prospective portfolio companies to interact with the Aloe family.

Aloe Private Equity was founded in 2003 by a team of professionals with a conviction for the development of environmental and socially sustainable businesses to the highest standards.

An uncompromising culture of responsibility, respect, transparency and humility has always been at the forefront of Aloe’s operations. Aloe’s ethical way of working brings mutual benefits to all parties involved. To its Limited Partners, it brings peace of mind and trust that capital is not only cautiously managed internally, but that it is invested externally exclusively to fulfil Aloe’s mission statement.

Aloe Private Equity impact investments focus on developing hard asset based companies, which provide proven technological solutions to environmental and social challenges, especially those experienced by the high growth markets of Asia.




Aloe Private Equity acts as a trustee

Security trust or collateral trust

In the case of a security trust, the debtor transfers the ownership of the property to the trustee as security for the payment of a claim.

The trustee is responsible for surrendering the claim at the end of the contract either to the debtor after termination of its debt, or to the recipient creditor in the event of default.

The creditors benefiting from the security trust agreement have an exclusive position on the said patrimony, excluding any co-operation with other creditors, in particular those benefiting from collateral.

The collateral trust can be combined with a management mission, depending on the needs of the parties.

Management trust

The parties may use the trust for the management of property or funds (e.g. rental income management). Aloe as trustee then undertakes to manage the items forwarded to him and then to deliver them to the payee on a specified date.

The settlor transfers the assets to the trustee who is responsible for administering them on his behalf or on behalf of a third party beneficiary and returning them to them upon completion of the management.

The trustee acts in accordance with the terms of the contract which provides for a specified management policy.

The conservation of the asset is key for operational or financial restructuring, project financing, and any kind of asset management which involve multi layer stakeholders.

Accounting and tax regime of the trust

The transfer of property, rights and sureties generates the constitution of an independent patrimony called trust patrimony, which is no longer that of the settlor but is also distinct from the trustee’s own assets. The latter is required to establish proper accounts.

The notion of control is determined by reference to the criteria defined by the Committee on Accounting Regulations relating to the preparation of consolidated accounts under French rules applicable to commercial companies. Where one or more controlled entities have substantially control of the SPE, it should be included in the scope of consolidation.

The trust being tax neutral, transfer of assets does not generate taxation.

CONTROL CRITERION  (used to assess the value of the transferred elements by the settlor to the trust estate) by the settlor
When the settlor is the only beneficiary;
When the settlor keeps almost all the risks and benefits regarding the transferred assets;
When the settlor retains the benefit of the residual interest on the assets at the end of the contract through their return in full ownership with the restoration of right of perpetual usufruct.

If the settlor remains in control of the assets, the transferred assets from the settlor’s estate are assessed to their current value. The assets or liabilities registered in the settlor’s book are assessed the same way.

Movable assets: the trust agreement has to be registered within a month following the signature of the agreement. The registration fees are 125€.
Real estate assets: the transfer of real estate assets to a trust generates the following costs = 0,825 % Notary’s fee + 0,71498 % publicity tax + 0,10 % mortgage registry  all based on current value of the asset

Aloe Group



Jean Pascal Tranié has been founder and CEO of Viventures, the first large VC fund (approx 1B$) in Europe back in the late 90’. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Ena before being appointed CEO of Veolia Energy Germany, then Vivendi Multimedia Director (Numericable, Havas, UGC, Cegetel, Babelsberg).

Jean-Pascal, published economical author, always seeks new challenges towards which he deploys a pragmatic approach.

Jean-Pascal Tranie

Yassin Khodadeen is an international investor who joined Aloe in 2006. He holds a degree in Finance with Law from the University of Mauritius. He worked for Multiconsult Ltd and Fideco Global Services Ltd, building a strong background in tax-efficient structuring of investments into Asia, AML/CDD checks as well as company law of various jurisdictions.

Vivek is an avid believer in India success, an University teacher.

Yassin Khodadeen

Laura Develter has a 3 year KPMG senior auditor experience. She graduated from ESSCA business school and holds a CPA certificate. She is the treasury of Neuilly tech and has a strong interest for startups growth.

She manages Aloe finance and compliance according to its regulated company status.

Laura Develter




Aloe Energy

Opportunity identification to market consolidation


The company was established by Aloe Private Equity, as an investment vehicle to acquire 100% of the solar assets, project pipeline and the O&M activities of Eco Delta (french company). Shortly after the acquisition, Aloe Private Equity initiated and managed the refinancing of the portfolio for c.a. 190m€ in a record timeframe, leading to significant value creation. Aloe optimised in parallel the asset management, reporting and O&M structure (internalization producing higher yield)


  • 2014 Initial equity: €60M
  • 2015 Refinancing: €190M
  • 2017 Sale to Sonnedix
    cash-to-cash gross IRR: >34%




23 rue Galilee

75116 Paris